美 [ˈoʊpən]英 [ˈəʊpən]
  • v.打开;开放;开启;张开
  • adj.开放;营业;坦诚;开放的
  • n.公开;户外;野外;旷野
  • 网络打开文件;开路;开着的

第三人称单数:opens 现在分词:opening 过去式:opened



开着not closed

1.开放的;敞开的allowing things or people to go through

2.张开的;张着的with eyelids or lips apart

3.展开的;开放的spread out; with the edges apart

4.畅通的;开放的not blocked by anything

未系着not fastened

5.敞口的;未封的not fastened or covered, so that things can easily come out or be put in

6.没扣上的;敞开的not fastened

未围着not enclosed

7.开阔的;未围上的not surrounded by anything; not confined

敞开not covered

8.敞开的;露天的;裸露的with no cover or roof on

对宾客for customers/visitors

9.[nubn]开放;营业if a shop/store, bank, business, etc. isopen , it is ready for business and will admit customers or visitors

比赛;建筑物of competition/building

10.对大众开放的;公开的;人人可以参加的if a competition, etc. isopen , anyone can enter it

11.[nbn]~ to sb(比赛、建筑物等)对特定群体开放if a competition, building, etc. isopen to particular people, those people can enter it


12.[nbn]~ (to sb)可得到;可使用to be available and ready to use

无防范not protected

13.~ (to sth)易受损害;脆弱likely to suffer sth such as criticism, injury, etc.

不隐匿not hidden

14.人人皆知的;不保密的;公开的known to everyone; not kept hidden

性格person's character

15.诚恳;坦诚;直率honest; not keeping thoughts and feelings hidden

16.~ to sth思想开明的;不固执己见的willing to listen to and think about new ideas

待定not yet decided

17.~ (to sth)未决定的;待决定的not yet finally decided or settled


18.稀疏的;不密的with wide spaces between the threads


be an open secret

是公开的秘密if sth isan open secret , many people know about it, although it is supposed to be a secret

have/keep an open mind (about/on sth)

愿意聆听(或接受)意见;(对…)不怀成见;思想开明to be willing to listen to or accept new ideas or suggestions

keep your ears/eyes open (for sth)

(对…)保持警觉;注意;留心to be quick to notice or hear things

an open book

容易被了解的人(或事)if you describe sb or their life asan open book , you mean that you can easily understand them and know everything about them

an open invitation (to sb)

(给…)随时可以来访的邀请an invitation to sb to visit you at any time

with open arms

热烈地;热情地;诚挚地if you welcome sbwith open arms , you are extremely happy and pleased to see them


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