美 [sɪŋk]英 [sɪŋk]
  • v.下沉;沉没;沉降;下陷
  • adj.位于贫穷地区的;贫民窟的
  • n.洗碗槽
  • 网络水槽;洗涤槽;接收器

过去式:sank 过去式:sunk sunk 过去式:sunken 第三人称单数:sinks 现在分词:sinking



在水╱泥等里in water/mud, etc.

1.[i]下沉;下陷;沉没to go down below the surface or towards the bottom of a liquid or soft substance


2.[t]~ sth使下沉;使沉没to damage a boat or ship so that it goes below the surface of the sea, etc.

倒下;坐下fall/sit down

3.[i]+ adv./prep.倒下;坐下to move downwards, especially by falling or sitting down

下降move downwards

4.[i]下沉;下陷;沉降to move slowly downwards

减弱become weaker

5.[i]降低;减少;减弱to decrease in amount, volume, strength, etc.

声音of voice

6.[i]变低;变小to become quieter

在地上挖掘dig in ground

7.[t]~ sth挖,掘(深坑、深洞)to make a deep hole in the ground

8.[t]~ sth (+ adv./prep.)埋入;打下to place sth in the ground by digging

使不成功prevent success

9.[t](informal)~ sth/sb使失败;使受挫;阻挠to prevent sb or sb's plans from succeeding


10.[t]~ sth(高尔夫球)击球入洞;(斯诺克)击球入袋to hit a ball into a hole in golf or snooker


be sunk in sth

陷入不快(或沉思)中to be in a state of unhappiness or deep thought

(like rats) deserting/leaving a sinking ship

(比喻只顾自己而离开处于困境中的机构等)(像)逃离沉船(的老鼠)used to talk about people who leave an organization, a company, etc. that is having difficulties, without caring about the people who are left

sink your differences

摒弃分歧;搁置歧见to agree to forget about your disagreements

a/that sinking feeling

不祥的感觉;沮丧之情an unpleasant feeling that you get when you realize that sth bad has happened or is going to happen

sink or swim

不自救,必沉沦;自己努力,以求生存to be in a situation where you will either succeed by your own efforts or fail completely

sink so low|sink to sth

堕落到这种地步;沉沦到某种程度to have such low moral standards that you do sth very bad


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