美 [faɪt]英 [faɪt]
  • v.战斗;打架;作战;打斗
  • n.斗争;打架;打斗;搏斗
  • 网络争吵;打仗;冲突是一种争执

过去式:fought 第三人称单数:fights 现在分词:fighting



v. n.

战争;战斗in war/battle

1.[i][t]打仗;战斗;作战to take part in a war or battle against an enemy


2.[i][t]~ (sb)搏斗;打斗;打架to struggle physically with sb

竞赛in contest

3.[t][i]参加(竞赛);竞争to take part in a contest against sb


4.[t][i]~ (sth)极力反对;与…作斗争to try hard to stop, deal with or oppose sth bad

争取try to get/do sth

5.[i][t]努力争取;为…而斗争to try very hard to get sth or to achieve sth


6.[i]~ (with sb) (about/over sth)争辩to have an argument with sb about sth

拳击in boxing

7.[i][t]~ (sb)参加拳击比赛to take part in a boxing match


8.[t][i](为…)和某人打官司to try to get what you want in court


fight your/sbscorner

维护地位、立场等to defend your/sb's position against other people

fight fire with fire

以眼还眼,以牙还牙to use similar methods in a fight or an argument to those your opponent is using

fight for (your) life

(尤指严重伤病时)与死亡作斗争to make a great effort to stay alive, especially when you are badly injured or seriously ill

a fighting chance

要努力奋斗才有的一线成功机会a small chance of being successful if a great effort is made

fighting fit

十分健壮;彪悍extremely fit or healthy

fighting spirit

斗志;战斗精神a feeling that you are ready to fight very hard for sth or to try sth difficult

fighting talk

战斗性的言论comments or remarks that show that you are ready to fight very hard for sth

fight a losing battle

打一场无望取胜的仗;虽必败无疑犹作奋斗to try to do sth that you will probably never succeed in doing

fight shy of sth/of doing sth

不愿接受(或做)某事;回避;躲避to be unwilling to accept sth or do sth, and to try to avoid it

fight to the death/finish

打到有一方倒下;一决雌雄to fight until one of the two people or groups is dead, or until one person or group defeats the other

fight tooth and nail

坚决斗争;全力以赴地斗争to fight in a very determined way for what you want

fight your own battles

独力战胜;独自奋斗成功to be able to win an argument or get what you want without anyone's help


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